Living Inside A COVID Straightjacket

Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace

Time is precious

My clock’s ticking, loudly and quickly.

Frustrating when you have things to do but are restricted in everything you can or cannot do.

What would you do if circumstances allowed you to do literally anything? If your only restriction, is time?

Visit, hug, smell, love and bond with your new-born, first precious grandchild 10,000 miles away. But you can’t.

Many of us would go visit our ‘bucket list’ locations? But you can’t.

Drive your dream car, touring the country visiting friends and family? But you can’t.

Do ‘more’ of the things you love doing the most, music, the arts, entertainment. But you can’t.

Spend precious time with friends, family the people you love, those that give you the most pleasure. But you can’t.

Go to work and do the job that you love. That gives you purpose. That gives you satisfaction. But you can’t.

Inside a COVID straightjacket.

Thanks for reading.


Published by Riff

Husband to my inspirational, (long suffering,) wife Gail, father to two, amazing (adult) children, Aubrey & Perri, teacher, former guitarist. When I started this blog I quickly became granda(r) to my beautiful, first grandson Henderson. Grandparenting, something I was relishing but had began to believe I would not get to experience. I now have three incredible grandsons, Henderson, Fennec and just days ago Nate. I Love people. I love my family, my incredible friends, I have love(d) what I do (my Job), I love Music, Glastonbury Festival, Cars, Everton .... I love many things but, most of all, I fucking love life.

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