Life – Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death.

Privatisation – ‘the transfer of a business, industry, or service from public to private ownership and control’. The privatisation of United Kingdom public assets, all paid for by taxpayers (us), sold off on the cheap so they could exploit yet more money out of the public is failing us on a grand and rapid scale.

WW2 generation built this, mainly via a Labour government, the Tories hated it, they’ve spent 50 years dismantling everything that generation built, profiteering from their investment in our future.

Reasons why privatisation is bad for you

  • Your services get worse. … private ‘shareholders’ incessant demand for ever increasing profits, cutting overheads (wages, materials) to raise profits, ever decreasing quality
  • Privatisation costs you more. …government bailouts (banks). ‘Heat or Eat’ 250% increase in energy bills whilst private companies are (still) making record breaking, billions, profits
  • You can’t hold private companies accountable. …(banks). Privatised Water Companies – pumping millions of tons of ‘shit’ and piss into our rivers and oceans
  • You don’t get a democratic voice.
  • Privatisation creates a divided society. If you are in the 2% ‘so what’?
  • Public services are natural monopolies. ‘Fixing’ of pricing (energy).
  • Privatisation means fragmentation – BREXIT (How’s that going for you)?

Once-upon-a-time we had a political party that defended ‘us’, ‘the peoples, the working mans party, The Labour Party. The current ‘shamefully’ named ‘Labour’ Party needs to learn a lesson from history?

Wake up everybody.

Read this list and Weep.

Ask yourself this, who of you have gained from any of this?

I haven’t? Have you?

A very small (2%) have and on an unimaginable scale?

Do you know any of them?

I certainly don’t.

I do know that they do everything they can to not pay any ‘taxes’ – Money Land: Why Thieves And Crooks Now Rule The World And How To Take It Back, by Oliver Bullough

They would rather pay out millions to lawyers and accountants who invent & manipulate every trick in the book in order to not give anything back to society.

The days of looking the other way are over, it is time to fight. Fight like our predecessors did for us, putting ‘others’ first, before themselves for our future. Fight for your children, fight for your grandchildren. Fight for your planet. Those who represent us, lead us, who are paid to look after us are not. They are not fit for purpose, they are wilfully and knowingly destroying us and they don’t even care.

British Petroleum (1977, 1979, 1981, 1987)

International Computers Limited (1979)

Lunn Poly (1971)

Rolls-Royce Motors (1973)

State Management Scheme (1973)

Thomas Cook (1972)


British Aerospace (1981, 1985)

Alvis (1981)

Coventry Climax (1982)

Amersham International (1982)

Associated British Ports (1983, 1984)

Sealink (1984)

Jaguar (1984)

Trustee Savings Bank (1985)

British Airways Helicopters (1986)

British Gas (1986)

Rolls-Royce (1987)

Royal Ordnance (1987)

British Airports Authority (1987)

Danish Automobile Building (1987)

ISTEL (1987)

Leyland Bus (1987)

British Airways (1987)

British Leyland

Leyland Tractors (1982)

Leyland Trucks (1987)

Rover Group (1988)

Unipart (1987)

British Rail Engineering Limited (1989)

British Shipbuilders (1985-1989, shipbuilder companies sold individually)

British Steel plc (1988)

British Sugar (1981)

British Telecom (1984, 1991, 1993)

British Transport Hotels (1983)

Britoil (1982, 1985)

Cable and Wireless (1981, 1983, 1985)

Council houses (1980–present, over two million sold to their tenants) – see main article Right to buy scheme

Enterprise Oil (1984)

Fairey (1980)

Ferranti (1982)

Harland and Wolff (1989)

Inmos (1984)

Municipal bus companies (1988–present, bus companies sold individually) – see main article Bus deregulation in Great Britain

National Bus Company (1986 – 1988, bus companies sold individually)

National Express (1988)

National Freight Corporation (1982)

Passenger transport executive bus companies (1988 – 1994, bus companies sold individually)

Travellers Fare (1988)

Vale of Rheidol Railway (1989)

Water companies – see main article Water privatisation in England and Wales

Anglian Water (1989)

North West Water (1989)

Northumbrian Water (1989)

Severn Trent (1989)

South West Water (1989)

Southern Water (1989)

Thames Water (1989)

Welsh Water (1989)

Wessex Water (1989)

Yorkshire Water (1989)


AEA Technology (1996)

Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (1997)

Belfast International Airport (1994)

Birmingham Airport (1993 – 51%)

Bournemouth Airport (1995)

Bristol Airport (1997, 2001)

British Coal (1994)

British Energy (1996)

British Rail – see main article Privatisation of British Rail

3 rolling stock companies:

Angel Trains (1996)

Eversholt Leasing (1996)

Porterbrook (1996)

6 design office units (1995-1997, sold individually)

6 freight operating companies

Freightliner (1995)

Loadhaul (1996)

Mainline Freight (1996)

Rail Express Systems (1996)

Railfreight Distribution (1997)

Transrail Freight (1996)

6 track renewal units (1995 – 1997, sold individually)

7 infrastructure maintenance units (1995 – 1997, sold individually)

25 train operating companies (1996, operations contracted out as franchises)

British Rail Research (1996)

British Rail Telecommunications (1995)

European Passenger Services (1996)

Railtrack (1996) (18 October 2002 went into voluntary liquidation), now in public ownership as Network Rail

Red Star Parcels (1995)

Union Railways (1996)

British Technology Group (1992)

Building Research Establishment (1997)

Cardiff Airport (1995)

Central Electricity Generating Board

National Grid (1990)

National Power (1991, 1995)

Powergen (1991, 1995)

Chessington Computer Centre (1996)

Department for National Savings (1999, back office functions contracted out)

East Midlands Airport (1993)

Girobank (1990)

Humberside Airport (1999 – 82%)

Kingston Communications (1999, 2007)

Laboratory of the Government Chemist (1996)

Liverpool Airport (1990, 2001)

London Buses (1994, bus companies sold individually) – see main article Privatisation of London bus services

London Luton Airport (1997)

London Southend Airport (1993)

National Engineering Laboratory (1995)

National Transcommunications Limited (1990)

Natural Resources Institute (1996)

Northern Ireland Electricity (1993)

Property Services Agency (1994)

Regional electricity companies

East Midlands Electricity (1990)

Eastern Electricity (1990)

London Electricity (1990)

MANWEB (1990)

Midlands Electricity (1990)

Northern Electric (1990)

NORWEB (1990)


Southern Electric (1990)

SWALEC (1990)

SWEB Energy (1990)

Yorkshire Electricity (1990)

Scottish Bus Group (1991, bus companies sold individually)

Scottish Hydro-Electric (1991)

Scottish Power (1991)

Severn Bridge (1992)

The Stationery Office (1996)

Student loans portfolios (1998, 1999, 2013)

Transport Research Laboratory (1996)

Trust Ports (1992–1997, ports sold individually)


Actis (2004, 2012)

BBC Books (2006 – 85%)

BBC Broadcast (2005)

BBC Costumes and Wigs (2008)

BBC Outside Broadcasts (2008)

BBC Technology (2004)

British Nuclear Fuels Limited

AWE Management Limited (2008)

BNG America (2007)

BNG Project Services (2008)

Reactor Sites Management Company (2007)

Westinghouse Electric Company (2006)

East Thames Buses (2009)

Leeds Bradford International Airport (2007)

National Air Traffic Services (2001 – 51%)

Newcastle Airport (2001 – 49%)

Partnerships UK (2000, 2011)

Qinetiq (2002, 2006, 2008)

South Eastern Trains (2006)

Teesside International Airport (2003 – 75%)

UKAEA Limited (2009)


BBC Audiobooks (2010 – 85%)

BBC Magazines (2011)

Behavioural Insights Team (2014 – 67%)

Bio Products Laboratory (2013 – 80%)

Constructionline (2015)

Defence Support Group (2015)

Dr Foster Intelligence (2015)

East Coast Trains (2015)

Eurostar International Limited (2015 – 40%)

Fire Service College (2013)

Food and Environment Research Agency (2015 – 75%)

Government Pipelines and Storage System (2015)

High Speed 1 (2010)

Lloyds Banking Group (2013, 2014, 2015)

Manchester Airports Group (2013 – 35%)

NEC Group (2015)

Northern Rock (2012)

Remploy (2012, 2013, 2015, factory businesses sold individually)

Royal Bank of Scotland Group (2015)

Royal Mail (2013, 2015)

The Tote (2011)

Thanks for Reading

Now Fight




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