A Conservatives Economy

Life – Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death. As we inch towards the replacement for the worse political leader in (my) living memory, the political feeding frenzy is reaching fever pitch. The now accepted as the norm, ‘say fuck all’, ‘do fuck all’ until you absolutely have to approach, from politicians has been temporarily abandoned.   Politicians on all sides ofContinue reading “A Conservatives Economy”

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Life– Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death.  Free Market – Capitalism To recap: inflation is at a 40-year high, fuel prices have repeatedly hit record levels and a global recession is a real threat. While the government (backed by the majority of the UK media) lambasts rail workers, teachers and the (Scottish) Police, (protecting profit) demanding restraint on worker pay, warning of the dangersContinue reading “I Read the News Today, Oh Boy”