The Shame of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Life –Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death.

‘It wasn’t a party because we didn’t burn £50 notes in front of a homeless person’

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson the British politician serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019. On the 12th April two thousand and twenty two Johnson is written into UK history as the first sitting UK prime minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law.

The most surprising thing is that the ‘Met’ actually had the backbone to hit Johnson with a fixed penalty for breaking (his own) lock-down rules. Despite a national outcry, with more or less unanimous condemnation of Johnson’s (and others in his government) unacceptable conduct, many, including myself, feared they would not.  

Today, the morning after, live on BBC TV, a clearly dejected, embarrassed (eyes sorely red), ‘Tory‘, media-messenger-boy, Grant Shapps, half-halfheartedly, delivered the latest carefully choreographed, Conservative Party line, ‘we know what he did was wrong, he (Johnson) knows what he did was wrong, but he deeply regrets what he did and has apologised. He didn’t know at the time he was doing wrong, …..but forget all that LOOK what he is doing now? Look what our dedicated prime minister is doing for us all in the UK during the worse economical crisis for 30 years, and what he is doing for the people of Ukraine’. Sorry but did I miss something? 7% inflation predicted to rise to 10% by the end of the month, what IS he doing?

Shapps, like many of us obediently obeyed Johnson’s Rules. In doing so Shapps was denied access to his critically infirm father again like so many of us denied something that we can never recapture. Shapps, appeared broken but, dutifully remained steadfast and loyal, repeating the party mantra over and over, looking more like a 5-year-old child who had just been told Christmas was cancelled, than a respected, senior Tory politician.

‘The Prime Minister, has apologised, he has paid his £50 penalty immediately’.

Shapps barked this particularly lame sentence over and over, with an unnatural emphasis on the amount? An insignificant (£50) penalty? I have since heard other conservatives triumphantly bark the same ‘it is only the same as a parking ticket. What’s the problem? A last, desperate attempt to diminish the offence somehow? An inference that, if this was really such a big deal how could (just) a £50 penalty be imposed? Especially when ‘he’ (Johnson) has much more important and serious things to deal with?

Clearly they are diverting attention from the important point, the fact that the two most senior UK politicians,the prime minister and his chancellor have consistently lied and mislead Parliament and the UK people.

Just £50?

It’s kind of true. In Johnson’s world it is acceptable to burn £50 notes in front of homeless people (poor people). A ritual Johnson performed himself with others of entitlement whilst at university. A despicable act that perfectly demonstrates the ever widening detachment, the gulf between them and us. Yet another example of Johnson’s own, barely disguised, utter contempt for us.

With 1 in 10 UK working families currently classified as ‘being in fuel poverty’, £50 might not be that much to a Tory? For many others it is a choice between eating or heating and for some, literally, between life and death.

Everyone is human. People make mistakes”. Of course, we do, all of us.

Johnson did not make mistakes Johnson made choices, he chose to ignore the rules, he literally doesn’t care. He might have wrote those rules but they do not apply to him? He is entitled, NO rules apply to him, he is in an exclusive club, he’s a Bullingdon Boy, a proud member of The Riot Club (The Bullingdon Club).

We make a mistake; we take it on the chin and come clean?

Johnson lied and lied again, and again and again and he continues to do so, even in his latest statement, his response to his fine, he continues to double down and lie again.

“In all frankness, at that time, it did not occur to me that, this might have been a breach of the rules”.

What next?  

We await the publication of the Gray report, by all (leaked) accounts a further, detailed and damning indictment of Johnson and his elite party-going ‘club’. It is likely that in the coming days & weeks more penalty notices will be issued, for other illegal parties & so called, works gatherings. More rule breaking, by those above the law, above us more MP’s, cabinet staff and ministers and probably Johnson himself receiving penalties.

No matter. Johnson (et al), will never do the honourable thing.

Johnson hasn’t an honourable bone in his body, the body of a narcissist, a serial liar, a misogynist, a racist, a self-entitled, incompetent, arrogant clown. He will never resign, why should he? In his head he has done no wrong, he can never do any wrong and who are you (we) to doubt him?

When his time comes, and it will, it will be his own who will neuter him. His usefulness is rapidly diminishing his ‘retched smell’ his mounting, ‘foul, political stench‘ is becoming overwhelming. His party pay masters are close to the edge, closer than ever. It is not if any longer, it’s when. Once neutered Johnson will disappear quickly and forever, however, his stain and stench, the shame he will leave behind will remain forever, a rancid, evil stench, that accompanies the worse political shame to British Politics in our history. #FuckCapitalism #FuckTheTories 

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