Life – Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death.

As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer I began researching.

I wanted to know anything, everything about ALL possible treatments, orthodox and otherwise. I was 100% open-minded, of course I was, I was desperate? I would literally try anything. I was scared shitless.

If it works, it works?  

As a young child I had warts, several on multiple fingers. Warts are common in children. They don’t look (or feel) nice but they are harmless growths. They are caused by a virus. Warts can spread to other parts of the body and to other people. Warts are caused by a type of human papillomavirus. Different types of warts are caused by different types of papillomaviruses and are an indication of a weak immune system.

Treatment of warts has not changed much since I was a child Mum and Dad would apply salicylic acid based or other medicines (topical irritants) day and night. They would subside but return, always return.

One day Dad said to me – ‘on Sunday, sneak a piece of meat from the roast dinner, don’t’ let me (anyone) see you, and hide it somewhere but you cannot tell anybody where?’ He promised me ‘If you do that, and stick to it, your warts will disappear‘.

I did it and I stuck to it and my warts disappeared.

The power of suggestion?

The mind?

Believe and it will work?

Who knows and who cares?

‘If it works it works’.

During my cancer research I found one guy who proposed consuming substantial amounts of bicarbonate soda, taken within a mixture of pure maple syrup, heated and drank, 2-3 times per day. He claimed this had cured his prostate cancer within 3 months.

CBD treatment, non-THC cbd oils are widely viewed as effective treatments for some cancers. I tried several, some high strength (£300 per 5ml), imported from Canada and Holland, and some, lower strength, over the counter from the UK. However, none had any measurable impact.

I have experimented with many/any/all alternative therapies I could find and I am still researching, looking, openminded.

I did have some success with the bicarbonate soda, way back, pre-surgery. Whether this was purely coincidental, I have no clue but my PSA did drop after 3-4 months of the ‘soda cure’, but not significantly enough for me to cancel my surgery.       

My first ‘Amla’ was given to me as a Christmas present. 2018 a small, spice size, jar from my Nieces, husband. He proclaimed it’s ‘cancer’ benefits so I gave it a go. I have taken it ever since (why not)? It is not expensive and my own research suggests, at least, obvious benefits if not miracles.

I take ground Amla at least 5 days per week in my breakfast porridge. Probably, a large teaspoon or maybe, a small tablespoon along with a splash of honey to help with the nasty taste.   

In, ground, powder form, it tastes horrible, bitter, nasty. If you have ever chewed a certain type of pill that makes you very happy, kind of like that?  

My latest, most recent PSA (6 months) has shown the smallest increase (7%) ever since I was diagnosed 6 years ago.


I will continue to take it ‘just in case’.

I will report back in six months, my next PSA?  

What is Amla?

Amla is a green coloured translucent fruit which derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Amlakiwhich means “nectar of life”. Amla is famous in India for its many health benefits and its quality to treat countless ailments. Ayurveda claims that Amla can balance the three doshasin in our body, namely: kapha, vata, pitta, thereby eliminating the underlying cause of many diseases.

A tangy fruit, ‘Indian Gooseberry’ is mostly available during the winter months. This fruit is particularly famous for its unusual taste as it contains a mixture of different flavours ranging from bitter, pungent, sweet to astringent and sour. You must know that there are several health benefits of eating amla on a regular basis and there is no doubt that amla is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Improves Immunity

Amla contains eight times more Vitamin C than an orange, it has twice the antioxidant power as of acai berry and 17 times that of a pomegranate. Amla is classed as a ‘superfood’!

The Vitamin C content of Amla makes it an excellent source of building your immunity and metabolism. It is known to fight both viral and bacterial ailments efficiently and reducing the impact of various health problems such as cancer and heart-related ailments.

Fights Infections and Prevents Chest Congestion

Since Amla is a source for improving your immunity, amla benefits the body during viral and bacterial infections as well as while fighting from the common cold.

Amla Powder mixed with two teaspoons of honey provides relief from cough and cold when consumed around three to four times a day. Amla also aids in the removal of sputum from the respiratory tract and can soothe the inflamed airways. Therefore, Amla is used to provide relief from bronchitis, cough, and other respiratory illnesses.

Prevents Constipation

The alkaline nature of Amla is known to clear and strengthen the digestive system. The high fibre content of Amla is excellent for the digestive system as it cures constipation. Amla also contains anti-inflammatory properties, therefore dried Amla powder can be used to cure hyperacidity and prevent stomach ulcers.

Aids Weight Management

Amla juice benefits people who are struggling to manage their weight as it aids digestion and improves metabolism. There are several benefits of eating amla on an empty stomach and many people also use amla for weight loss.

Amla juice with a pinch of salt and pepper can also aid in curbing your appetite as it keeps you (feeling) full for longer durations. It also helps the body absorb nutrients and acts as a natural laxative due to its high fibre content.

Acts as a Natural Blood Purifier

One of the many benefits of Indian gooseberry is that its Vitamin C content makes the blood vessels stronger and thicker. Amla acts as an antioxidant agent and efficiently detoxifies the body. Amla powder mixed with a tablespoon of honey or jaggery can act as a great natural blood purifier and can increase your haemoglobin when taken regularly.

Helps Manage Chronic Conditions

Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases, asthma, and cancer have become common conditions that impact a large number of people in today’s times. There are many medicinal uses of Amla and chronic health conditions can benefit by consuming Alma regularly.

Cancer is caused by oxidative damage i.e. when body cells use oxygen, they leave a harmful by-product which is called radicals behind. Amla helps in preventing and repairing this damage. The amino acids and antioxidants aid in the overall functioning of the heart. Chromium in Amla helps the body to be more responsive to insulin and also regulates the blood sugar level, making it excellent for diabetics.

Improves Eyesight

Amla contains carotene which is responsible for improving the vision. Adding Amla to your daily diet can significantly improve overall eye health and help relieve problems such as cataract, intraocular tension and can prevent reddening, itching, and watering eyes.

Relieves Pain

Arthritis, joint aches, painful mouth ulcers are a few common pains experienced by people in their daily lives. Due to Amla’s anti-inflammatory properties, all these pains can be relieved by using it regularly.

To get relief from ulcers, dilute amla juice in half a cup of water and gargle with it. There are many benefits of eating amla daily and one of them is that it is excellent for your hair and skin.

Amla Benefits for Skin

Struggling with dull and dehydrated skin? Add Amla to your everyday skincare routine. Amla helps keep skin hydrated and healthy. Amla is also used as a superfood for its anti-aging properties.

Amla is cheap

I buy, online, I prefer ‘organic’ if available and I pay around £15 for two kilos of pre-ground amla powder.

Thanks for Reading


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