Life – Terror. Ecstasy. Fight. Denial. Flight. Failure. PAIN. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Hope. Love. Peace – Death.

Those who can do, those who can’t teach?

Good teachers

Good learners

Learning & Teaching

Great Teachers, love what they do

To be able to achieve a job, a career that you love is one of the greatest achievements of all? How many of our parents enjoyed what they do for a living? How many of us can make ‘enough’ money from what they do for a comfortable living?

You’ve got to find what you love.

And that is as true for your work as it is for your life. Your work is the largest part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.

I consider myself fortunate to have achieved two, successful careers that I have loved, as a professional musician and now a teacher.  

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” ~ Alexandra K. Trenfor

The most important thing is a person. A person who incites your curiosity and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that people can.

Teachers have three loves:

love of learning,

love of learners, and

the love of bringing the first two loves together.

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I do not see myself as just a teacher, but also a conductor. I wave and point my wand and sometimes the whole orchestra joins in other times it’s only the saxophonist.

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

So what makes a good teacher?

Good Teachers Are Strong Communicators.

Good Teachers Listen Well.

Good Teachers Focus on Collaboration.

Good Teachers Are Adaptable.

Good Teachers Are Engaging.

Good Teachers Show Empathy.

Good Teachers Have Patience.

Good Teachers Share Best Practices.

Good Teachers Never stop learning.

Good Teachers Know (admit) they don’t know enough

Great teachers Are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring and they demonstrate a commitment to their students.

Ut est rerum omnium magister usus (roughly “Experience is the teacher of all things” or more generally “experience is the best teacher“) is a quote attributed to Julius Caesar in De Bello Civile, the war commentaries of the Civil War – Julius Caesar

“The most important thing is a person. A person who incites your curiosity and feeds your curiosity.” – Steve Jobs

Never stop learning

Those who can do, those who can’t teach?

No those who teach are lucky. Those who teach well? ….. love what they do, and are even luckier.

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Published by Riff

Husband to my inspirational, (long suffering,) wife Gail, father to two, amazing (adult) children, Aubrey & Perri, teacher, former guitarist. When I started this blog I quickly became granda(r) to my beautiful, first grandson Henderson. Grandparenting, something I was relishing but had began to believe I would not get to experience. I now have three incredible grandsons, Henderson, Fennec and just days ago Nate. I Love people. I love my family, my incredible friends, I have love(d) what I do (my Job), I love Music, Glastonbury Festival, Cars, Everton .... I love many things but, most of all, I fucking love life.

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